Probot Military Robot

PROBOT® - a Lightweight Heavy-Payload Robot

A robot for every mission

All-Terrain Carrier and Recon Robot

Designed to assist dismounted forces and increase their effectivity

Heavy payloads

3x its own weight

Hands-free operation

Autonomous all-terrain tracking

360° video & zoom

Long distance intelligence

All-terrain maneuverability

Indoor and outdoor range

What is your mission?

Carries its Weight – Times 3

The PROBOT all-terrain tactical logistics platform carries up to 1,650 lbs of supplies, equipment or materials. It can easily climb stairs and maneuver with precision in confined areas, which all contributes to a lighter and more effective ground force.

Heavy Lifting with Flexible Functionality

The PROBOT carries heavy payloads with superior maneuverability both indoors and outdoors. Using 360° daytime and NIR cameras and optional environmental sensors, PROBOT provides real-time, long-range intelligence gathering to keep personnel safe in dangerous situations.

Lighten your Load. Accelerate Response.

In challenging terrain and in urban settings, PROBOT can locate and access injured casualties and ferry them to safety. With an extra-heavy payload capacity, PROBOT can remotely evacuate multiple casualties to help keep public safety and law enforcement personnel out of harm’s way.

Precision all-terrain maneuverability

Probot Military Robot

ROCU-7® - Ruggedized Operator Control Unit - 7"Screen

The ROCU-7 is an all-weather controller whose easy-to-master user interface enables a single operator to control several unmanned systems under any lighting conditions.

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PROBOT Military Robot PROBOT Military Robot
  • PROBOT Military Robot
    PROBOT robot, controller, power supply, cables and accessories, documentation
  • Dimensions (L x W x H):
    55 inch x 39 inch x 23 inch / 1402 cm x 998 cm x 590 cm
  • With carriage:
    55 inch x 39 inch x40 inch / 1402 cm x 998 cm x 1015 cm
  • Weight:
    475 lbs / 215 kg with carriage: 500 lbs / 230 kg
  • Max payload weight:
    1,650 lbs / 750 kg
  • Speed:
    6.5 mph / 10.5 kph
  • Military standards:
    Ruggedized, IP65, MIL-STD-461
  • Vertical obstacle (in):
    10 inch / 25 cm
  • Climbing ability:
  • Communication:
    WR, Secured IP, MESH data link
  • Operating range:
    1,600’ / 500m LOS, with standard operating gear
  • Operating hours:
    8-10 hours
  • Power supply:
    48V nominal
  • Payload ports:
    External power, ethernet RJ45, 12V output, GPS ant, RF ant, communication
    • Video & cameras:
      360° Real time day & night video + zoom x10
    • Pan tilt module:
      360° Pan, tilt -30°/ 15°
    • Illumination module:
      360 ̊ NIR illumination & white LED
    • GPS:
    • Video:
      360° with up to 8 cameras
    • Zoom:
      x10 optical
    • Illumination:
      White (day) / 360 ̊NIR (night)
    • Sensor tilt range:
      -20°/ 90°
    • Audio:
      Send from MTGR / 3.5 mm audio jack on controller
    • GPS:
      Internal / Falcon view compatible
    • Sensor interface:
      Compatible with standard IOP sensors
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