LIGR - Roboteam
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LIGR – Large Interoperable Ground Robot

  • Full IOP V2 compliant for easy integration of any sub-system, sensor and payload
  • Universal mounting points and interfaces for operation of multiple payloads
  • Cutting-edge, state-of-the-art, motion mechanism for extreme maneuverability
  • Keeping the warfighters safe from any hazard and IEDs
  • Yields high performance in any weather condition – IP67 rated
  • Operator-friendly interface with multiple operator control unit options available
  • Unique design -  Light and tactical system (under 500 Lbs.)
  • Eight BB-2590 batteries provide up to 14 hours runtime
  • Network – Single/Dual band MIMO radio with extended range (up to 3500 feet/LOS)
  • Dynamic stability management provides users with information to system performance and status
  • Easy maintenance and high reliability will ensure maximal operational readiness
  • Autonomous capabilities and operating presets to the platform and the manipulator arm
  • Vertical obstacles – 35” with the arm and ability to climb any type of stairs
  • Ordnance disposal and CBRNE missions supported with 6 DOF manipulator and continues wrist rotation
  • Ruggedized chassis and manipulator structure for heavy-duty missions